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Over the past 25 years, Dr. Firpo Carr has taught various subjects to thousands of student at different institutions of higher learning. He did this while simultaneously fulfilling his duties as President of STIR Inc. His superiors forwarded candid after-course student critiques of courses he taught. While it would be impractical to display all comments from the many hundreds of students who elected to participate in post-course surveys, a sampling of over 150 student testimonials over the past 20 years is listed here. Although some comments are similar, there are no duplicates. Certain comments have been slightly edited for (a) spelling, (b) grammar, (c) to maintain student anonymity, and (d) to facilitate fluidity.   

Student Testimonials

Student #1: 

I have been attending [this university] for almost three years now, and I have never had a teacher like you. I have never been so inspired or learned so much from a teacher. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your class. You are so bright and intelligent and have such a passion for what you do, and it amazes and inspires me! So thank you!

Student #2:

Mr. Firbo Carr was an AWESOME instructor. He is the most intelligent teacher I have ever had. Out of all my instructors he was truly THE BEST. I appreciate how he teaches. I was able to absorb so much in his class. I will never forget him.

Student #3:

The instructor was really knowledgeable about the material. He helped me to learn a lot about other religions, as well as my own. Would tell other people about this class!!!

Student #4:

Excellent faculty member. I am proud to work here even more, knowing we have faculty like Mr. Carr. He helped to keep it relevant and governed students well in an emotionally charged class.

Student #5:

Dr. Firpo was by far the most prepared, educational, and interesting instructor I have encountered at [this university].

Student #6:

The instructor is very talented. This was a very great chance to have been in his class. 

Student #7:

Great teacher on top of his game and knows the subject well. Good experience. I learned a good deal!

Student #8:

I learned the importance of the different types of religions that exist and how they can affect us.

Student #9:

Firpo Carr is the best instructor and this is the best class i have taken since I've been at [this university]. I wish all other instructors would have same passion and dedication Firpo has for this course and his students. The curriculum was great. This is the first class with a full agenda at the beginning of each class. Agendas are great to get a better view of what to expect in class. Every night I walked out of Firpo Carr's class I left wanting to know more. There were some nights we refused to take a break simply so he can continue with his lecture. Again this is the best class I've taken at [this university].

Student #10:

Dr. Firpo is a great professor who truly knows the subject. His comments are very helpful.

Student #11:

Great teacher. Very knowledgeable.

Student #12:

Ok, so Firpo is somewhat famous. But, once you get into the 3rd week, his being a little full of himself turns into an experience in learning like never before. The fact that he doesn’t allow laptops in class is awesome because for once everyone was engaged in what the instructor was saying … which is what is missing in many other classes. Firpo is a breath of fresh air as far as his teaching technique is concerned. No death by PowerPoint was a nice change.

I wish the class was longer because it took four weeks to warm up to Firpo, and there was so much to learn. You could tell that he only scratched the surface of his knowledge. It was an eye-opening experience to learn about the different religions and even the religion I was brought up in. This class was a GREAT class when it comes to learning tolerance of other’s beliefs. It should be taught in all grades in schools worldwide. [This university] is lucky to have Firpo. This is one class that made an everlasting impression on me.

Student #13:

Great passion and energy. He got the class excited about the information being given.

Student #14:

Teacher is an amazing encyclopedia of religion. I would like to have heard less about why he wasn't accepted at Harvard. However, he was open-minded to everyone's points of view and gave no criticsm to anyone's belief system. Good teacher. Yes, I would recommend him to other students. 

Student #15:

I really wanted to thank you for a great course. It was very eye-opening for me on many levels. One of the religions that really stuck with me was Buddhism. I am going to do a lot of research on that religion as it had a profound impact on me. Just there common sense approach to life coupled with the karma they apply to their beliefs really got me.

What is funny is I've always been a huge fan of Phil Jackson. Mainly his calm, cool demeanor that he brought with him. Here is this guy worth millions and he is as humble as they get. He prefers to live the country life away from the big city and always seems like he truly cares. I had no idea he practiced Buddhism until you told us.

However, my main sticking point from the course was when you told us you were a [redacted]. I would never have guessed just based on my biased experiences. I try not to allow myself to get jaded on certain things, but most of my experiences with [redacted] have not been favorable. It blew me away to find out that's what you were. Mainly because you teach with such a fair, unassuming approach to all religions and people. I never once felt like you judged any of us based on our opinions.

I really appreciated your take on the military and serving. I am a veteran and have a lot of good and bad memories of my 10 years in the Marines. But I'm not a violent guy by nature and often-times struggle with my experiences in Iraq.

Probably more so because of the political misconceptions that brought us to that war, but I often wonder why we did such horrible things to each other while we were fighting (them and us). I don't know. I do know I don't want to feel any regret, but don't want to glorify something that could have been avoided all together either. It was an experience and one that I describe as one of the best/worst experiences of my life.

Thank you again for teaching a great class. I can imagine you are a busy man, but hopefully, we can stay in touch.

Student #16:

One of the best courses I have taken at [this university]. It helped me improve my presentation skills and gain a better understanding of APA formatting.

Student #17:

I have never in my life been completely excited and engrossed in what an instructor was teaching for the complete duration of the class. Dr. Carr was remarkable! For once, an instructor taught the class very valuable and life altering lessons. I will be forever changed as an individual. I am so impressed with Dr. Carr and his style of teaching that its hard not to expect the same for my next class. Dr. Carr definitely raised the bar for educators at this university. The curriculum was appropriate and matched what the instructor taught us.

And, as mentioned above, Dr. Carr was a fascinating and amazing instructor! He taught us so much in the short span of the course; life lessons that the entire class will take with us even outside campus walls. I feel forever in debt to Dr. Carr for the valuable knowledge he bestowed upon us. The experience was the best of my brief career at [this university].

Student #18:

This is one of the best classes I have ever had here as a student at [this university]. It provided knowledge, insight, and information dealing with actual facts about Western religion. It has open my eyes to things that I was not even aware of, or was not quite sure of. I also feel that this class should be much longer because there is so much more to learn and know. Each week we learned something new. You never wanted the class to end, and was always excited about the next class. Again, Dr. Carr gave insight and knowledgeable information throughout the course. He made the class interesting. It was never a dull moment as he kept the class exciting and student always wanted more. As a sudent I felt honored to be in his class.

Student #19:

Mr. Firpo Carr has been the best professor I have ever had. I reccomend everyone at [this university] take his class. It is worth every penny.

Student #20:

Great class. Amazing teacher. Very knowledgeable. I learned a lot. Definitely a class anyone should take with a open mind on the world.

Student #21: 

This instructor was so amazing. He shared a great amount of useful information and was able to convey it to the entire class.

Student #22: 

The instructor was very informative, and I felt I gain new knowledge in his class.

Student #23:

This course has taught me so much about religion. I feel there is so much more to know. This teacher was excellent. Generally speaking, he taught the details of the material no matter what the specific topic was. I give him my thanks, He is the best.

Student #24:

This course meet more than my expectations. It was a life changing experience in a good way. Mr. Carpo was great. I will never forget him. This class was very informative.

Student #25:

Our Instuctor was the greatest, most interesting teacher for this class. I have learned a whole lot from what he teached us in class. Again Great Teacher!

Student #26:

This course adjusted my behavior and perspective. I thank [the university] for delivering such a fine, professional, experienced, and enthusiastic instructor. Keep him any way you can. Charge us more if you need to.

Student #27:

The course actually gave me more than I first expected. I gained a lot as far as being informed is concerned. Dr. Carr is an extraordinary individual. He finds a way to bring fun to education in each class. I have never had a more creative, colorful personality as an instructor. I applaud [the university] for their fine choice in faculty and staff. I absolutely love it here!

Student #28:

 Mr. Firpo Carr has been the best professor I have ever had. I reccomend everyone at [this university] to take his class. It is worth every penny.

Student #29:

The faculty member teaching this class was very unprofessional and arrogant. This combination prevented him from being an effective teaching force. It disallowed the learning potential of myself and fellow students. I am disheartened by the lack of professional essence displayed by this particular individual.

Student #30:

Dr. Carr did not do a good job, he did an excellent job. I am so blessed to have such a priceless educational/spiritual experience.

Student #31:

Mr. Carr is an excellent instructor. He is very knowledgeable in his subject and quite pleasing to listen to. He knows how to teach in a manner that is interesting and captivating. Mr. Carr is able to present his lesson and prove each of his statements.

Student #32:


Student #33: 

He is a good instructor. I am visually impaired, and he was conscious of my needs, such as when writing on the board he would say what he was writing. What I have experienced is that often time I have to ask the instructor what he just wrote on the board. Dr. Carr would say it as he was writing.

Student #34:

Dr. Carr covered the text very well. I would prefer Dr. Carr over most teachers. This professor is very knowledgeable and has a heightened awareness of what's going on in today's organized crime and criminal justice. The professor broke down tough subjects like the Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organizations act. R.I.C.O.

Student #35:

He is an extraordinary professor whonwent above and beyond to teach me as an individual. It was a great pleasure to have him as a professor. More instructors should be like him and make students feel they are actually learning. I finally did feel like I was actually learning.

Student #36:

Faculty member spent to much time telling stories regarding himself and his accomplishments.

Student #37:

I have never in my life been completely excited and engrossed in what an instructor was teaching for the complete duration of the class. Dr. Carr was remarkable! For once, an instructor taught the class very valuable and life-altering lessons that will forever change me as an individual. I am so impressed with Dr. Carr and his style of teaching that its hard not to expect the same for my next class. Dr. Carr definitely raised the bar for [university] educators. ... 

As mentioned above, Dr. Carr was a fascinating and amazing instructor! He taught us so much in a span of weeks. Life lessons that the entire class will take with us even outside the campus walls. I feel forever in debt to Dr. Carr for the valuable knowledge he bestowed upon us.

Student #38: 

The experience was the best of my brief career as a student.

Student #39: 

Dr. Firpo W. Carr was an exceptional instructor. He was student oriented, highly responsive to questions and problems, and showed a very serious concern for our learning and comprehension. He ran a very up-beat class and I felt I learned a lot from his knowledge and experience.

Student #40:

I thought that the course would be a bore. It was interesting, informative, and applicable to the field.

Student #41:

I have learned to email and use other sources of technology with human services programs. Dr. Carr is a very good teacher with exceptional abilities in English, Spanish, and other langages.He has vast abilities in techology.

Student #42:

The Teacher keeps the class going. He gives us proper information needed and makes us laugh as well. Great Teacher.

Student #43:

Dr. Carr was awesome! Great Class!

Student #44:

This course was by far the most interesting course of all. The instructor was great, and I absolutely love his acknowledge on this field.

Student #45:

It was a great experience. I think everyone should take this course. The curriculum was excellent, and the faculty member was excellent. 

Student #46:

Firpo Carr is the best teacher I ever had at [this university].

Student #47:

Dr. Carr is a Phenomenal  Instructor who has tremendous energy, passion, and clarity on his subject matter. This is the most enjoyable class to date. I would take it again for sure.

Student #48:

The instructor more than met my expectations. This has been one of the few classes where I learned so much and enjoyed it as well. He was extremely qualified. I loved him.

Student #49:

He is one of the best teachers that I have ever had the honor of being taught by.

Student #50:

Dr. Carr is a very knowledgeable man and his class is fascinating.

Student #51:

Dr. Carr is AWESOME! I have never received this much information in a class at [this university]. Dr. Carr exceeded any and all requirements while teaching this course.

Student #52:

This UOP course would not be what it is without Dr. Firpo Carr. He makes the class what it is. Too bad all intructors are not like him. Dr. Firpo Carr is the best of the best. [This university] is lucky to have him as a professor.

Student #53:

Dr. Carr braggs about how he is not at Harvard or Yale, but acts like he is. This campus is for working adults and he has to realize that.

Student #54:

This course met AND exceeded my expectations! I very much enjoyed the instruction given by Dr. Carr. Our in-class lectures and discussion really amazed me. Again, Dr. Carr's instruction was fantastic! I always questioned many things that Dr. Carr instructed me on and Dr. Carr always provided more than adequate answers with research to back his answers.

Student #55:

This course was very informative. Each student should be required to take this class to be able to interact w/ the public and excel better in their job performance. Religion plays a major component is society. Dr. Firpo was quite informative on the subject matter. The overall educational information was very detailed and concise. Very enjoyable class.

Student #56:

Dr. Carr gave me a positive new outlook towards religion. The class had to be reminded of closing time (10 pm.) because we were so captivated by his teachings. We simply lost track of time.This course gave me a new outlook in the importance of understanding religion before we try to understand people.

Student #57:

This course exceeded my expectations. I would like to have had more in-person group experiences interviewing people than just turning in papers. The faculty member was very professional, well dressed, and educated to the max. The class participation was very inspiring.

Student #58:

I truly enjoyed Professor Carr's religion class. It was very informative. Professor Carr is an excellent instructor. Curriculum very effective. Professor Carr was very informative and made the class interesting. This class was wonderful.

Student #59:

Dr. Carr is well informed and loves to share his knowledge with his students.

Student #60:

Dr. Carr by far exceeded my expectations of this class. His knowledge of the subject matter was incomprehensible. I would not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone.

Student #61:

Dr. Carr is a very knowledgeable instructor. The enormous amount of materials he provided to the class was all presented from memory. Not once did he utilize any materials for any of the information. He is an excellent professor, the best I seen in many, many years. I enjoyed the course to the utmost and was saddened to know it would soon end.

Student #62:

The class was good. However, I felt that we spent too much time learning about racism in the dictionary instead of knowledge about religion. Again, too much time spent on unrelated material. Dr. Carr is very knowledgeable. However, his racist views are not part of the curriculum. I do not believe this should be an upper division class.

Student #63:

The instructor is excellent! Dr. Carr is a teacher of teachers. Dr. Carr is right on the mark! Excellent! I learned more in this class then in most classes in my lifespan!

Student #64:

This course went beyond my expectations. It is an incredibly informative eye-opening course. Facts were proven beyond question. This is by far my favorite class and teacher. I am honored to have participated in a class taught by Dr. Carr. It is Dr. Carr who makes this class fascinating. I feel enlightened. He is an incredible teacher, full of factual information. I can't begin to say how great this class is. Just incredible.

Student #65:

He is a great professor, and a great resource for the students. He is very knowledgeable and competent for this class. He is amazing.

Student #66:

Absolutely one of the best instructors I have had!!! My last two instructors have been fantastic!!!!! [The previous instructor] and Dr. Firpo Carr make a difference in people's lives and education. They do not just teach the topics, they make sure you "learn" it and apply it to your everyday life.

This class was interesting, especially since we as students (we knew each other from previous classes) were not sure why you would need a religion class for business. Dr. Carr made it very clear that when you have a basic understanding of how people live and conduct themselves based off of the culture they lived in, you are more likely to make a connection.

Making this connection will lead to you getting a foot in and allow that person to speak with you. Absolutely grateful!!! I am a disabled veteran going through some super PTSD issues and the way he explained the Bible and what it really means, there is no question that it allowed me to feel better about myself.

Dr. Carr, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! You are a great person and I value and respect all the effort you put into your research. I am lucky to have had you as an instructor. Godspeed on your journey!! I hope to see you around campus!!

Student #67:

Mr. Firpo W. Carr was an incredible instructor. I enjoyed coming to class and learning from Mr. Carr as an excellent academic instructor. It was refreshing to not only be taught the required subject matter, but he also kickstarted my mind into some terrific critical thinking sessions. He is the finest example of an instructor and a fantastic role model. If this is the type of instructor that the [university] employs, then I chose the right university and I am looking forward to the rest of my academic path.

Student #68:

The course was a great learning experience. It taught me how to think more wisely when making decisions and having discussions. The instructor, Mr. Firpo Carr, is a very great and informative instructor. He is full of knowledge and makes me want to continue being in school longer than I planned. I hope to have him again as a instructor!

Student #69:

The instructor  has helped me to think more critically and strive to become a better thinker. I had a good challenging experience and would would definitely recommend instructor to others.

Student #70:

Mr. Firpo Carr is an outstanding and dedicated facilitator/instructor. He stays after class, if needed, to clarify things that are related to the subject matter that was not discussed so much during the class. A great person, polymath, and mentor! I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to attend his class. I had so much fun and gained so much information in this class.

I know I got my money's worth, having him as the instructor. I can only wish that I can say the same to all of your other faculty members. It is only my second time to fill out a survey about the instructors because they are the only two that impressed me the most. I pray that the [university] will allow Mr. Carr to continue his quest of educating more people about the different religions. We all need it!

Oops! I forgot to say that Mr. Carr had a complete attendance every night except on the first day of class. Once the students learned about his style of teaching and the knowledge he brings to the classroom, we became hungry for more knowledge and wisdom. Nobody left even a minute earlier than the end of class. It was great listening to him! Again, thank you very much, Mr Firpo Carr!!! You deserve a cookie!

Student #71:

Mr. Firpo Carr is one of my greatest instructors I have ever had as a student. I am truly honored to have been a student of his.

Student #72:

Mr. Carr is a professional in this class. His examples and knowledge are of great value to the student.

Student #73:

I actually really enjoyed learning from Mr. Carr. His passion and life experience helped to pull me into absorbing the information. I also really enjoyed the way he produced facts for everything he taught us and broke it down to its most literal terms. His explanations were thorough and unbiased.

It was a class I did not think I would enjoy, but ended up talking a lot about it with friends and family as I learned. I do hope Mr. Carr will be able to pass his extensive knowledge on to students on this subject in the future. I believe having the right teacher makes the experience worthwhile.

Student #74:

Mr. Firpo Carr was an absolute delight as an instructor! He is very well versed in the subject manner, and maintained a positive and neutral point of view for the entire course. He did an exquisite job of keeping the class discussions on topic and in control at all times, as well as presenting all course material from an educator's viewpoint as opposed to letting his individual theology show through as bias. Excellent instructor!!!! 

Student #75:

I have never had such an amazing professor like Dr. Fipro Carr. I have never enjoyed learning and paid so much attention in class as i did in his class. Its wonderful when you have an awesome instructor who only makes class an awesome place and a great learning environment.

Student #76:

Mr. Firpo Carr is a one in a billion kind of instructor. I have enjoyed my entire year and three months [at this university] with some really great instructors, some better than others, but I can truly say I have liked every one of my instructors and enjoyed every one of my classes. 

[This particular course] with Mr. Firpo Carr however, has been a completely different and enlightening experience for me altogether. Not having had much interest in the past with religion, I entered this class a skeptic. By the end of the first night of this class I found myself leaving and going home with a whole new attitude toward the curriculum that I did not expect to change so quickly.

I found myself going home and relaying the information I had gathered in class from Mr. Carr to my family and friends, as well as doing further research on my own of things we had discussed just out of pure curiosity and excitement. Mr. Carr is a master at his craft, which was expected with his position.

What was unexpected was his extremely diverse pool of knowledge of things in life and the rest of the world I had never known before that left me constantly wanting to hear more. My only complaint is that he is only able to be my teacher for [a relatively short period of time] because with a teacher like him I have found a new level of interest and motivation I had not experienced before, and I wish I could have stayed a student of his for longer.

Mr. Firpo Carr is a brilliant man who is more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever met before. I know that he has managed to touch the lives of many people over the years in just a few weeks, including my own. The best way to describe Mr. Firpo Carr and the the experience I have had with him can easily be summed up in one word, ASTONISHING!

Student #77:

Mr. Carr was an outstanding instructor. He kept the class highly engaged and had the class really using their minds. For this class being on a sensitive topic for many people, he did an amazing job showing the facts and not pressing his beliefs on others. It as quite a revelation.

Student #78:

I thought the course was alot of fun.

Student #79:

I missed the first day of class not knowing I had class. That set me behind in the assignments, but I still took a lot of knowledge from the class.

Student #80:

Great instructor. Very motivated and knowledgeable in the material, and shows that he cares about our learning.

Student #81:

This professor was phenomenal!!! He not only covered the required reading and work with great ease, but he added his own personal experiences on the adventures that he went on to the places we were studying. He was unbiased in the way he explained things and truly provoked thought in all of the students. I have to say he was by far the best professor I have had in my career here. Professor Carr made learning fun again when I was feeling burnt out.

Student #82:

I truley enjoed this course. Dr. Carr is very knowlegeable about this course and shares a lot of good information.

Student #83: 

Professor was very informative, liked the fact that he had a preference for old school note taking. He has a lot of knowledge and I learned a lot from this class.

Student #84:

Great professor! One of the best!

Student #85:

Great instructor. One of the best.

Student #86:

Firpo Carr was the best and most engaging faculty members I have had. It was truly a delight to be in his class.

Student #87:

Dr. Firpo Carr is an amazing instructor with a knowledge base on world religions that is unmatched by anyone that I have ever met. Out of 16 classes that I have taken, this class has grabbed my attention in ways that the other classes couldn't, all thanks to Dr. Carr. My only regret is that this class isn't longer so that I may enjoy more of his tutelage.

Student #88:

THE BEST INSTRUCTOR I HAVE EVER HAD!! He had our attention the moment he walked into the room. Usually, I see people on their phones or taking out their computers. Not in this class! He was so interesting. I wish [this university] had a religion/theology degree.

Student #89:

The professor is extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter, and had so much information to pass to us that we always took the class to the very last minute. He even offered to stay behind to talk over additional information, or to make any clarifications we may have needed.

Student #90:Mr. Carr is amazing! He was engaging and entertaining, and brought what could be seen as boring religious history to life by repeatedly making it relevant to today's pop culture. He is fair when it comes to grading, while maintaining high standards for academic excellency.

Student #91:

Firpo Carr is well rehearsed in his beliefs and academics. But one should leave out absolutes when dealing with the Trinity and other religious issues. This isn't arithmetic. And the whole world (including all the brilliant scholars, non-trinitarian and trinitarian alike) has not yet decided that these issues are correct. So for him to say he knows more then other scholars is incorrect. He should keep an open mind and show both viewpoints, and let the class decide for themselves, and not be bombarded with his viewpoints.

Student #92:

Outstanding class. Mr. Carr is one of the best instructors I have had the opportunity to have.

Student #93:

Firpo Carr was by far one of the most interesting faculty I have had as an instructor. He was very informative.

Student #94:

One of the best classes I have ever taken. This professor really knows how to engage a classroom in discussion. He also made it very easy to understand, and held no preference to one religion in his teachings. He backed everything up with text. I would take this class again.

Student #95:

The faculty is knowledgeable.

Student #96:

Great class...

Student #97:

Firpo Carr is an amazing instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, and shares much more than the class requires. He was the first instructor at this facility in which I was taught information in such an exciting and relevant manner. He was fabulous.

Student #98:

I found this course so interesting that I didn't want to go home at the end of the night.

Student #99:

Mr. Carr is an amzing instructor. He provided an open and inviting classroom environment which allowed for the students and instructor to engage in intellegent and informational discussions. He is knowledgeable and insightful, which was a refreshing difference from previous instrocutors who only utilized the course material provided by the intitution to conduct the class. Mr. Carr is by far the best instructor I have had at the [university].

Student #100:

This class kept my full attention from the beginning of the course to the end of the course.

Student #101:

Our instructor, Mr. Firpo Carr, is an excellent instructor. He kept everyone in class engaged the entire class.

Student #102:

I highly recommend this course. It was very interesting and informative.

Student #103:

This class was extremely interesting and fun to learn. Professor Firpo Carr was amazing! I would never want to miss a class of his. How he teaches and explains everything in such detail. It was so great. I would recommend him to everyone. It was just a really fun experience. We need more teachers like him.

Student #104:

I wanted to take my time and "manage up" Mr. Firpo Carr because he has impacted my academic studies drastically. He made the entire course very interesting and fun. He took his time to explain to me questions that I had and made sure that I had a better understanding to them. Overall he is a fun instructor that gets his point across clearly.

Student #105:

I really enjoyed this class, thought the teacher was very knowledgeable. He answered any question I had and proved what he was saying was true by showing the class different resources that validated his answer.

Student #106:

Very knowledgeable instructor. Glad I was assigned to his class.

Student #107:

Mr. Firpo Carr is a very intriguing, professional, fun, knowledgeable instructor. I really enjoyed the class.

Student #108:

A True Professional!! Very unique and knowledgeable professor. Haven't met any professor like him before. Provides great feedback on all of my assignments; very understanding and works with you if you communicate with him. He is always (I mean always) available to assist you in your development. GRADES OUR ASSIGNMENTS AND GETS IT BACK TO US AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE (MORE SO THAN ANY INSTRUCTOR I HAVE COME ACROSS AT [THIS INSTITUTION). This quick feedback provides the student an opportunity to see their mistakes in enough time to ask the instructor questions prior to the next session. Students love this approach!! More professors need to adapt this style.

Student #109:

I have nothing negative to say about FIrpo Carr. The instructor blew away my expectations, on multiple levels. At the end of every class I was sad that I did not have another hour to learn about the week's topic.

Student #110:

Dr. Carr is an amazing teacher and an asset to the university. His teaching style is both excellent and engaging. In my entire time at this university I have never, and feel I will never again, had a teacher like him. He reached every student in our class in his own way and always had an answer for us, straight from the Bible. This teacher is the real deal and I only wish I had more classes with him instructing.

Student #111:

It is a great class.

Student #112:

Dr Carr is "Amazing!" If all of your faculty were like him, [this university] would be second to none.

Student #113:

The whole class was very interesting. Firpo makes this class so interesting and he is so knowledgeable and respectful towards everyone's beliefs. He is an exciting instructor and I'm happy I took this class. It's one of the best classes I've taken in a long while.

Student #114:
This is the BEST class anyone can take. Thanks to Firpo. 

Student #115
Great class. 

Student #116
How can the course be improved?: Should be a longer class. 

Student #117 
This was the most exciting class I've taken. It was non-stop learning. Dr. Carr is a fabulous instructor.

Student #118:
The instructor was great. He made the class very interesting

Student #119:
Firpo is very intelligent and he is a great teacher. He makes the classes very exciting. He has been my favorite teacher by far at [this university].

Student #120: 
I especially liked the knowledge of the instructor. This teacher is the best overall instructor I had at [institution of higher learning]. Also, I am proud that this man has achieved so much in a short time. If you give bonuses, he deserves one.

Student #121:
This teacher is so amazing--he is very knowledgeable and entertaining. It was truly an honor to be in his class.

Student #122:
[I especially liked] everything this class had to offer. Firpo Carr is an outstanding facilitator--other instructors should take lessons from him.

Student #123:
Firpo Carr is the BEST.

Student #124: 

Dr. Carr seemed very knowledgeable in the subject matter. He did a very good job at making the class VERY interesting and enjoyable.

Student #125:

Dr. Carr seems to like his work and it shows!

Student #126:
[I especially liked] the instructor's method of teaching. He kept students involved and interested at all times. His knowledge was excellent.

Student #127:
Instructor Firpo Carr was EXCEEDINGLY informative and motivating; vastly knowledgeable and accessible. A very valuable and rich experience for me.

Student #128: 
Firpo Carr is an excellent teacher. He is very good in a classroom, and very knowledgeable. He is an asset to your university, and easily one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Student #129:
Dr. Carr is the best instructor I have EVER had. His knowledge and sense of humor were extraordinary. He actually kept my interest every minute. [Your university] should consider him a KEEPER. 

Student #130:
Instructor made it very interesting because of his background.

Student #131: 
[I especially liked] The teacher. Very enthusiastic. Made learning fun and enjoyable. He should get a raise. An asset to your establishment.

Student #132: 
The new information not in the material that the instructor (illegible). He is obviously a very knowledgeable individual who kept my interest in the course. 

Student #133:
I would have liked a clearer idea of the instructor's grading criteria early on in the class. 

Student #134:

[I particularly liked] the knowledge of Dr. Carr. The instructor's academic interest and background made the class very educational. I would recommend classes of this quality to my peers. 

Student #135:

[I particularly liked] the instructor's expertise in the subject matter. He made things quite interesting. I always looked forward to learning more.

Student #136: 
[I particularly liked] the approach utilized by Dr. Carr in teaching this class.

Student #137:
This class is very interesting. My instructor is really interesting. He explains everything in a very easy way.

Student #138:
Mr. Carr is an excellent teacher. It was fun to have him for a teacher and I learned a lot from allt he information he provided. 

Student #139:

This class should be offered near the end of the course as something to look forward to. 

Student #140:
[I particularly liked] the teacher. Very knowledgeable on subject matter. 

Student #141:

I thought Mr. Carr was the best instructor I have ever had. He was able to continue to captivate his audience by his interesting research and studies. He is a tremendous asset to [this university]. 

Student #142:
Dr. Carr is one of the most qualified instructors I ever had the pleasure of taught by. His knowledge and experiences of religion is far beyond the expectation of any instructor. I enjoyed his lectures and his stories regarding his experiences and his perception of religion. 

Student #143:
The knowledge and skill of the facilitator. His knowledge in this field was tremendous. His class activities and assignments were well organized, which assisted me in gaining more knowledge on the subject. He made it all a pleasure. 

Student #144:
Nothing to improve. Firpo Carr is an excellent instructor.

Student #145:
He does not appear knowledgeable about the basics of the religions. He focused on Bible translation and "proving or disproving the document." He had several significant discussions on racism and language. This was fascinating, but not religion. He spent time on the Dead Sea Scrolls, which he helped translate. Also fascinating, but not religion. In the class, Dr. Carr announced his personal religion (a small Christian sect) and spent the next two hours discussing it. If this is not proselytism, what is?

Student #146:
The teacher was fantastic. Very motivational and interesting lectures. Extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of religion. Very impressed with this class!

Student #147:
[I particularly liked] the personal relationship the instructor showed with students. He was upbeat and interesting

Student #148:
Best teacher I have had. His method of teaching was very conducive to learning. 

Student #149:
This was the best teacher I have had since I started the program

Student #150:
[I particularly liked] the instructor's personal, yet professionalism. He was very prepared and shared lots of information that will be helpful to me in the future. He also caused me to understand more that I will take no one's word for anything. This class was a real treat. 

Student #151:
Dr. Carr is a true specialist in this field. It seems impossible not to learn a great deal in his class. He is prepared to back up any information he gives with exact documentation. I personally felt very lucky to have had him as my instructor. He is inspiring. 

Student #152:
Fascinating and dynamic man. Dr. Carr is very knowledgeable in the Bible. 

Student #153:

All around great class.

Student #154:

[I particularly appreciated] the learning about creation and the beginning of written religion. 

Student #155:

Practically the best course I have ever taken in my life. The most interesting interpretation of religious beliefs. The information I received out of this class I know I would not have achieved anywhere else. 

Student #156:

All is well. 

Student #157:

I enjoyed the comparison of religions, noting the many similar aspects

Student #158:

The course needs to be longer. Not enough time in class. Great and interesting class. 

Student #159:

[I particularly liked] Dr. Carr. He was truly professional. He has changed my life forever. I will forever be grateful to have had him in my life and for this special class on religion. The only improvement he can make is to teach more classes.

Student #160:

[I especially appreciated] the enthusiasm of the instructor. 

Student #161: 

[I especially appreciated] the way the instructor taught the class. He was very informative on all subject matter. His class was so interesting until I hated the class to end. I would love to take another class with this same instructor. I learned things in this class that will stick with me for a lifetime. 

Student #162:
[I especially appreciated] the enthusiasm and obvious expertise of the instructor. He was terrific. The discussions generated were lively and informative. Everyone was encouraged to ask questions and the exchange of information was free flowing at all times. Hated to see the class end. 

Student #163:
[I especially appreciated] how enthusiastic he was about the subject. He was more knowledgeable in religion than the pastor of any church I have ever been to. He was an excellent instructor.

Student #164:
Dr. Carr has been thus far one of the best teachers I have had. I have learned so much and I am looking forward to other classes. 

Student #165:
The instructor kept the class moving at an easy pace and was very interesting

Student #166:
The professor's knowledge in the material covered is simply mind blowing.

Student #167:
The instructor was the best. 

Student #168:
The way he was so down to earth with the class. Very personable and always kept our attention. Never lost interest.

Student #169:
The instructor was very personable and appeared to be knowledgeable on the subject. He had excellent presentation skills.

Student #170:

By far the best instruction I have received at UOP. The instructor presented a non-biased research into the different religions studied. The instructor made the topic interesting and enjoyable. 

Student #171:
[I especially appreciated] the entire course. The instructor was excellent! He made what I thought would be a boring class the best course I have taken so far. Job well done. 

Student #172:

Mr. Carr is an outstanding instructor. His knowledge and experience were overwhelming. This is the best class so far. More instructors should learn Mr. Carr's teaching style.